Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is a story my sister wrote, enjoy.

This is a story from long ago when Australia was rich with black fullas’, where the animals were not only hunted for food but appreciated spiritually. This maybe only a fictional short story but in my own individual and ‘special psyche’ it serves purpose so read between the lines and unravel the mysterious of the brain. LMAO.
  • (kangaroos thousand of years ago existed but appeared differently, they were carnivorous, had canine teeth and bound across the country rather than hopped).i.e. in reference to Skippy in this story, his character is a vegetarian so he offers no harm.)
  • (romornis stirtoni was the largest of the dromornithids, a group of huge flightless birds known only from Australia. The late Miocene Dromornis, from Alcoota Station in the Northern Territory, weighed up to 500kg and stood over three metres in height, making it heavier than the Giant Moa of New Zealand and taller than the Elephant Bird of Madagascar. Related closely to the emu.)

The dream time begins; Bood eww was a young warrior (16 coolabah carvings old) from the Ompaloompa (knuckle draggers, moon crickets, porch monkeys, jiggaboos) tribe in the Northern Territory, his only want in life was to be the most talented ceremonial dancer in all the land. There was one minor problem that stood in the way of Bood eww achieving his goal, he was born without legs. Because of this his means of transportation was hitchin’ a ride with his best friend Skippy- the bush kangaroo. He would nest his little stumps in skippies pouch and cruise around the country side sipping on skippies motherly milk.

The country Australia or as the natives called it- ‘thaga waga jabba noonga’, was beautiful in all its dry desolate ugliness, there had been no tears from the heavens in far to long. Bood ewws tribe was in desperation so a gathering was organised for all the tribes in the land to sing the rainbow serpent “moonda gartda” awake and perform the sacred Shakaleg dance that only the chosen & uniquely gifted dancer new. Finding this particular dancer had proven a strenuous task so everyone and anyone from all the land was invited to the ceremonial Shakaleg dance to attempt what seemed an impossible task, even Bood eww was invited in all the haste.

Bood eww was especially excited today, for today the day of the dance! The only trouble was he didn’t no how he was going to Shakaleg without any legs to shake. He had been outcast, ridiculed and taunted for his lack of limbs his whole life. Many a times he was left abandoned and barred from returning to his tribal grounds by his tribal elders, but it did not deter Bood eww from returning and taking up residency in his Bunyip hole once again. He needed to be with his tribe even if they were unkind, for one day he would be the pinnacle of their success. He believed this wholeheartedly.

Bood eww still cruising around with Skippy decided on taking a small break near a small shallow watering hole, for a toilet stop and to stretch his arms. Upon his arrival he came across a magical talking ‘platamypuss’ a mystical creature believed to be just a story told to the young piccaninnies’ when the sun fell asleep and the moon whispered peacefulness.
Bood eww being a friendly and curious no-legged-moon cricket-jigger approached the creature, after all how many people can say they’ve seen a ‘platamypuss’.
He learned that the creatures name was ‘MEEOw’ and that he granted wishes to those who were noticeably without something. This excited Bood eww; the spirits were looking down on him today with love. His wish of becoming the best dancer in all the land was about to come true and his fellow knuckle draggers would finally accept him, the taunting would be over and Bood ewws pearly white smile would brighten the night as he did his Shakaleg dance. HOW EXCITING WAS SUCH A THOUGHT. Without any hesitation, Bood eww voiced his wish to MEEOw; he would like a pair of legs. Not just any legs though, a set of ‘big chooky’ (Dromornis stirtoni see top page) legs. This would certainly impress the girls of the Ompaloompa tribe; they’d go googley eyed over seeing chicken legs with such strength, length and unique beauty. MEEOw granted Bood ewws wish with a flap of her tail, as the sky stood still and the earth took absence for a brief second, his legs appeared. Now Bood eww stood tall with pride and admiration at his new found legs, he was to excited to even thank the platamypuss MEEOw and took off running back to the tribal grounds to be in time for the ceremonial rain dance-sing song, with Skippy in close pursuit. Bood eww had never felt so free and alive as he galloped along the country side not stopping once to rest, he was on a mission to cure his previous condition of no hoper in the tribe and prove that he had what it took to be the ultimate shakalega in all the land.
It was dark now and as Bood eww approached the grounds he could hear all the soulful songs and hear the thump thump of the dancers, he quickened his pace and arrived just in time for the final dance performed by a gifted dancer with a unique individual dance style. Without any hesitation, Bood eww jumped in centre stage and began to dance. It wasn’t hard to get his new legs to dance for animals such as ‘big chookies’ are known to be graceful dancers light on there feet and Bood eww had the spirit of a dancer in his veins.
When his Shakaleg was over, and the echoes of the movements ran out, Bood eww still stood still and tall awaiting all the tribes reaction- it was unmistakable, Bood eww was truly unique in all that he was. THE TRIBES CHEERED, THEIR VOICES DROWNING OUT THE SOUND OF DISTANT THUNDEROUS ROARS FROM TH HEAVENS. As Bood eww continued with his stance and enveloping all the appreciative fans, a rain drop land on his nose. Than as if the skies were cheering for him to it started to rain. Bood eww was the one, the one to sing the rainbow serpent “moonda gartda” awake to make the land breath again and flourish.

These days no-one remembers the little jigga Bood eww that had no legs, instead the praise the man Bood eww with the chicken legs who can dance the spirits awake and make the heavens open up. With all his new found acceptance and admiration Bood eww became the perfect catch amongst the female porch monkeys, often getting marriage proposals and various gifts (fossilized rangaboon goona from over the waters- delicacy and extremely yummy). In the end Bood eww chose a girl he had had his eye when he used to have stumps, her name was GOON eww (joon eww) and she was without any arms. She had had an encounter and argument over a tasty fish with a crocodile, the crocodile being selfish ate her arms. Goon eww also visited the platamypuss MEEOw and was granted the wish of flight n given a set of ‘gobble gawbble’ wings.

COPYwrite- Jamie jum jumbae ykikamoocow passmore

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Australia Day

Well, Australia Day. Do we celebrate, do we protest?  I think the time for protesting Australia day has passed. Most of us work with the wider community, we eat, live and play amongst the general population of Australia these days.

I think that first and foremost I am an aboriginal man. A close second to that, I am an Australian. I think the very nature of the downtrodden and the so called lower classes of society is their compassion. It seems that most Indigenous families I know have friends that have been shunned by their own kind. We are like the kid that brings home the stray puppy that "followed us home". I think that maybe that as well as being a beautiful part of our nature, this trait was our biggest weakness. When Cook came to Australia our ancestors greeted the boats and made them welcome. Once the guns started firing it was a case of "What the hell was that!?" 

I guess I'm just tired of being angry for things that happened 200 odd years ago. Yeah things still happen, but stuff always does. You can't hate a snake for being a snake and biting you. You just have to recognise that it's a snake and that is the nature of snakes. I think the same can be said for a lot of ignorant people. They get taught certain things at a young age and it sticks. Maybe if we showed that the stereotype is a lie and reality is so much different, we could change a lot of minds.

Australia day to me is about celebrating a great many things.
The survival of our race, the secret pride we all hold on to.
The beauty of our art, our dance and our music.

Remember we ARE Australians, and like any Aussie we love a good party. Go out and celebrate. Change a few opinions. Make them look at us in a different light.

Remember that the best revenge is to live a good life. Live a good life my people and do your mob proud.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mining in Oz

So I've read that there is a site called 50,000 jobs. Apparently it is a site dedicated to finding jobs for 50,000 Indigenous Australins. The site has been created by Fortescue Mine director Andrew Forrest. Noble idea. Has anyone else heard of this? What kind of jobs. Not 50,000 Cleaning jobs I hope, wouldn't that be ironic.

Perhaps an ideal solution would be if all mines were acquired by the government and the profits used to eliminate our taxes and provide super for all Australians. I know I wouldn't mind paying less taxes. Maybe if the mines and other large corporations paid the proper taxes instead of trying to write everything off and dodge taxes there wouldn't be such a high national debt. I find it strange that I pay around 35 cents in the dollar and most big companies pay much, less. How can this be right?

Currently Australia is the most taxed first world nation on earth. Think about it we pay around 30% income tax, we pay 17% gst. thats 47%. We pay more tax for fuel, tax when we import, tax when we export. It's a wonder they haven't got a tax for going to the toilet. Oh wait they do water fees. Water fees. paying for water. , talk about milking the cow. Poor planning and management led to years of drought. Instead of using this time and opportunity to build more dams and planning how to utilise what we have the government put a tax on it. Then hey presto we have the worst floods in the last 35 years. Imagine if there were a few more dams in the eastern states to make the most of that run-off. I;m not saying that more dams would have stopped the floods, they wouldn't. What they would do is ensure that there would not be another drought or level 4 restrictions in the eastern states again.
Our government is failing us people. instead of standing up to bullies our "leaders" are cowering from big business and banks. Our prime minister only got in by stabbing the back of the man who stood up to the mines and said " hang on, instead of 240 million profit this quarter, how about you settle for 200 million profit and pay the proper taxes on minerals you are taking out of land owned by the Australian people."
Taxes upon taxes upon taxes. Don't we have our own oil fields and gas deposits in Australia. Why is the price of fuel here affected by the price of oil in America?

Well that's enough out of me for the night. Take care all you beautiful black people out there, you ugly ones too (andrew this means you). Let me know what you think, drop a line or three and tell your friends. Blackandeadly is here. If you have products to sell let me know and we'll put em on the website.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blackandeadly Website

A new website has opened up for business. B.A.D. a site for those looking for more colour in their lives. Music, current events, sports news, products specifically chosen for YOU on so check it out now.