Thursday, April 7, 2011

May Day In the Bush

So, big party out in Barcaldine in May. Might be an idea to get along. Bound to be a good time had out there. I'm told last year's old fella's football game was a sight to see. I hear there were tears of laughter and of pain, laughter from the crowd and pain from the players.

Beautiful little town Barcaldine, full of good, down to earth people. There used to be a Black and White tournament in Barcaldine. Way before there was the Indigenous All Star team. The All Stars from those days had names like "David Thompson", "Henry Anderson" and "Norman (Twinkle Toes) Freeman".

I had the honour of playing in the final year of the Black and Whites myself. 1986. Norman Freeman sr. was 53 years old playing fullback and captain for the All Blacks reserve grade side against the All Whites.

Normie asked before the game "Has anyone seen the rubbing alcohol?"
No-one had, or so we thought. Turns out some fool had drank it and not owned up.

53 years old and still stepping around blokes half his age. Maybe not as lightly as he once did but still with plenty of spirit. Those who remember Normie will remember the cheeky grin, the laughter and the clowning around he got up to. Still one of the best players to come out of CQ.

I remember that we lost that game but won the A grade. But the thing was, it didn't matter who won the game. The enjoyment was in getting out there and sticking it to the All Whites while wearing an All Black Jersey. After the games the mateship between the players made you forget all the knocks and bruises from the field. The competition on the field was fierce don't get me wrong, but over a couple of beers all was good again.




Those jerseys made us feel invincible. At sixteen years old and about 70 kilos, I was one of the smaller blokes playing that day, but looking over and seeing those black giants standing beside you in the red yellow and black jerseys seemed to make tackling the All Whites that much easier.

These may not be the jerseys we wore, but they still give you that feeling of pride when you wear them. BlacknDeadly, thats how we felt.

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