Thursday, February 24, 2011

Black and Deadly Hall of Fame

That's right our own Hall of Fame. If you know someone, living or passed, that you think belongs in the Black and Deadly Hall of Fame leave their name and your reasons for nominating them in the comments box below.

When we have enough nominees and enough votes we'll announce the top ten and place the list on our website. One lucky voter will win a t shirt from B.A.D. creations with the top ten list printed on the back.

So get cracking you mob. Think about all those Black fullas that have inspired us over the years. From Santa Unmeopa to Kath Walker, Neville Bonner to Anthony "The Man" Mundine. Maybe even someone in your family who inspires you. Send in your nomination. You never know one day maybe you'll be on the list.
Click the comments tab below to leave your nomination

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Well we've had another cyclone in Queensland. Floods, more floods, and then a cyclone. What global warming?

You have to wonder about people who cut the lungs from a planet and then deny that the planet is suffocating. Apparently now the Amazon rainforest is giving off more Co2 than it is absorbing. The dead trees, as a result of drought, are decaying and giving off Co2. The balance has been tipped. All downhill from here folks. just over two hundred years it took. Two hundred years of industrial revolution to turn the earth from a lush gem of life floating in the universe to a dying planet choking on the filth produced by one species. Outstanding.