Saturday, April 13, 2019

Native Title, criminals or saviours.

If you were in a divorce would you use the same law firm your spouse is using? Would it matter if they used different lawyers from the same firm? I don’t think so. Why then do Traditional owner groups allow law firms to represent them Who are also representing the tribal groups that border their lands. This is a direct conflict of interest but we still let them represent us. They erode our borders and do research and for people trying to delay determination and in doing so make more money off of us and the neighbouring tribes. They get paid for every phone call, meeting and appearance. You cant serve two masters. Neither can you represent two tribes that are in dispute without making one the winner and one the loser. If we have disputes with neighbouring tribes our applicants should be meeting with theirs to discuss and resolve any border disputes that may arise. We are making these law firms rich while they delay proceedings and continue to charge the government on our behalf to drag our determination out. Sack them. There are plenty of alternatives. Sack them. They are laughing at us. All the way to the bank. We need a firm that will make us the priority, that will fight for us instead of having a foot in both camps. Our applicants need to take control and work towards the betterment of us as a nation. If there’s a snake in your bed it will eventually bite you. No matter how friendly it seems. Kabbi Kabbi are claiming past Kilkivan to the outskirts of Goomeri and QSNTS are representing them. How many times must we allow our land to be taken. How many times must we allow Our borders to be changed to suit other tribes and make lawyers rich. Stand together and tell them and the world that we are one Nation and our land is not up for negotiation. Let them know that we won’t be lied to and used to make others rich. We are Wakka Wakka. We stand together we win.

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