Monday, January 24, 2011

Mining in Oz

So I've read that there is a site called 50,000 jobs. Apparently it is a site dedicated to finding jobs for 50,000 Indigenous Australins. The site has been created by Fortescue Mine director Andrew Forrest. Noble idea. Has anyone else heard of this? What kind of jobs. Not 50,000 Cleaning jobs I hope, wouldn't that be ironic.

Perhaps an ideal solution would be if all mines were acquired by the government and the profits used to eliminate our taxes and provide super for all Australians. I know I wouldn't mind paying less taxes. Maybe if the mines and other large corporations paid the proper taxes instead of trying to write everything off and dodge taxes there wouldn't be such a high national debt. I find it strange that I pay around 35 cents in the dollar and most big companies pay much, less. How can this be right?

Currently Australia is the most taxed first world nation on earth. Think about it we pay around 30% income tax, we pay 17% gst. thats 47%. We pay more tax for fuel, tax when we import, tax when we export. It's a wonder they haven't got a tax for going to the toilet. Oh wait they do water fees. Water fees. paying for water. , talk about milking the cow. Poor planning and management led to years of drought. Instead of using this time and opportunity to build more dams and planning how to utilise what we have the government put a tax on it. Then hey presto we have the worst floods in the last 35 years. Imagine if there were a few more dams in the eastern states to make the most of that run-off. I;m not saying that more dams would have stopped the floods, they wouldn't. What they would do is ensure that there would not be another drought or level 4 restrictions in the eastern states again.
Our government is failing us people. instead of standing up to bullies our "leaders" are cowering from big business and banks. Our prime minister only got in by stabbing the back of the man who stood up to the mines and said " hang on, instead of 240 million profit this quarter, how about you settle for 200 million profit and pay the proper taxes on minerals you are taking out of land owned by the Australian people."
Taxes upon taxes upon taxes. Don't we have our own oil fields and gas deposits in Australia. Why is the price of fuel here affected by the price of oil in America?

Well that's enough out of me for the night. Take care all you beautiful black people out there, you ugly ones too (andrew this means you). Let me know what you think, drop a line or three and tell your friends. Blackandeadly is here. If you have products to sell let me know and we'll put em on the website.

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